Automated release notes for high-velocity product teams

The most efficient way to communicate product updates to stakeholders.

Works great with
Works great with

Integrate with Jira, Linear, GitHub, Shortcut, or Zapier.

DoubleLoop saves a record of every product change.
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Pick and choose

Select which product updates should go in your release notes.

Enhance the story.

DoubleLoop pulls info from your tools. Leave it alone or make edits to tell the right story.
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Make your changelog public or private.

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Email Digests

For you, your stakeholders and your customers.

Slack Notifications

Notify teammates where they're already working.

Real Benefits

Start a virtuous cycle of improved communication.

A source-of-truth

Never forget what launched and when. Search your complete history of product iterations.

Save time

It's the most automated workflow for release notes that you can imagine. Never miss sharing an update.

Increase stakeholder confidence

Showcase your team's velocity and the value you deliver. Stakeholders will appreciate you for it.

See it in action.

DoubleLoop is free during our beta.

Low on resources? We offer a service to:

- Import your metrics into DoubleLoop
- Identify anomalies in your KPIs
- Advise on your product strategy

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