North Star Workshops

Work hands-on with the DoubleLoop CEO
to map your bets and metrics.

John Cutler

John Cutler

Author of North Star Playbook

"DoubleLoop's workshops go beyond defining your North Star metric. They set you up to put the North Star framework into action. I recommend you do a session with Daniel.”

John Cutler

Eric Ries

Author of The Lean Startup

"DoubleLoop's approach to scientific product development is groundbreaking. Daniel Schmidt's North Star workshops provide an excellent boost for any company looking to adopt a rigorous and data-driven approach."

Product leaders are under pressure

As a product leader, you're caught between political tensions. Your team is drowning in data, but struggling to make a real impact on business KPIs, while juggling the demands of stakeholders who often can't see the forest for the trees.

Build confidence in your product strategy with the North Star Framework

With the North Star Framework, you can break free from the aimless product management cycle. The framework provides the tools to rally your team around customer value and show how work leads to long-term business success.

Linking work to business KPIs is hard.

In the workshop

Define your North Star

Rally your team around creating customer value that leads to long-term business health.

Map business outcomes

Show how your work ladders up to business KPIs vital to the long-term success of your company.

Write hypotheses for bets

Increase your scientific rigor by writing hypotheses for bets. Prioritize your projects based on your business drivers.

Identify input metrics

Map out lead measures that you can influence directly with work to create data-informed loops.

Daniel Schmidt

North Star Workshop Facilitator

Daniel Schmidt, CEO and Co-founder of DoubleLoop

Daniel has worked with hundreds of companies to map their strategies, uncover flawed assumptions, and target growth levers.

North Star Workshop

Work hands-on with DoubleLoop CEO and Co-founder, Dan Schmidt, to apply the North Star Framework to your business and write hypotheses for bets.

Schedule 15-minute info session
Daniel Schmidt
Workshop Facilitator

Daniel Schmidt

CEO and Co-founder of DoubleLoop

Daniel has worked with hundreds of companies to map their strategies, uncover flawed assumptions, and target growth levers.

Watch an example
North Star Workshop

DoubleLoop CEO, Dan Schmidt, joined the CDK Global team to map their metrics and bets. Watch the recording of this session, hosted by Amplitude, where they take on a challenging B2B2C use case.

Video - Watch an example North Star Workshop

Who is this for?

DoubleLoop is for teams drowning in data.
Their challenge isn't lack of information – it's how to make it actionable.

  • Product leaders – Provide clear business context for your squads.
  • Data analysts – Make data actionable for your company.
  • Engineering leaders – Help your team see the impact of their work.
  • CEOs and founders – Create aligned autonomy in your organization.
  • All strategists – No matter what you're working on, connecting actions and outcomes is critical.

"Very fortunate to have had a chance to do a workshop with Daniel. DoubleLoop is an incredibly powerful and refined tool. I’m willing to wager a virtual fortune that it becomes vital in the success trajectory of product businesses over the coming years. I’d seriously recommend signing up for this workshop."

Richard Fortune
PM for Dimply, Xero, Intercom


Here's some more info about the workshops.

Are these workshops part of the DoubleLoop sales process?

These workshops are designed to be valuable for you and your team, whether or not you adopt DoubleLoop. We're able to keep the cost of the workshops low because some participants continue on to be DoubleLoop customers. But there is no expectation that you will use DoubleLoop after the workshop and there is no pressure-y sales pitch.

Are these group workshops?

This workshop is just for your company. It can be 1:1 or you can invite members of your team. However, we recommend you keep the group pretty small at five people or less. The cost is $495 for a 2-hour session, regardless of how many colleagues you bring.

What preparation is required before the workshop?

No preparation is required. If you come the workshop with a list of some of your active projects, that can speed things up a bit.