The Double-Loop Pilot Program

Our vision with Double-Loop is to help companies systematically improve the results of their product iterations. We’re signing up a select group of pilot customers to evolve with us as we progress towards this vision.
Double-Loop is the most powerful when you connect your Jira and Slack accounts. These integrations enable us to automatically build your product launch timeline and keep your team up-to-speed.
We recognize this is a big ask. If you don’t have permission to add these integrations on your own, you’ll need someone from your IT department to help. To incentivize you to make the extra effort, we’ll extend your free trial and increase your discount if you connect your Jira and Slack accounts.

If you can't connect your other accounts yet, no worries. Even without the integrations, Double-Loop is the best way to communicate your product launches and results. If you want to try just the standalone product, you still get a lengthy free trial with discounted pricing for unlimited access.

Two Pilot Options

Both options give you unlimited access for six months at a discounted price.
At some point after your pilot is over, we'll roll out a TBD usage-based pricing model.

The Standalone Product


Free trial for 1 month.
After that,pay only $100/month.

for six months of unlimited access.

● Create a timeline of product launches and results.
● Quickly search for insights from past launches.
● Automatically send launch update emails.
● Build multiple timelines to track a portfolio.

The Integrated Product

Free trial for 3 months.
After that,pay $50/month.

for six months of unlimited access.

● Get all the features of the standalone product.
● Auto-build your timeline with Jira data.
●  Push launch updates to Slack.
● Use the Slack bot to quickly add data.