Make your strategy actionable

Teams use DoubleLoop to align on metrics, place bets, and get better business results.

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Connect your metric sources

DoubleLoop integrates with the tools that you build/measure/learn with.

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Map your business drivers

Map your metrics with the North star framework or KPI trees.

Need help? We offer North Star Workshops to guide you through process.

Import your metric data

Populate metrics on your map with time series data from your data sources or with CSV uploads. No PII is required.

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Test correlations to optimize your strategy

Test your strategy by exploring correlations between metrics with our drag-and-drop interface.

Place your bets

Clearly see the impact of your initiatives and learn from outcomes.

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Collaborate on your strategy

Align with stakeholders and refine your map when new data flows in. See example map.

See progress in Slack, without manual labor

DoubleLoop sends metric performance and product launches directly to Slack to heighten your team’s business awareness while keeping stakeholders in the loop.

Empower your engineers with our Jira app

Show the business impact of work directly inside Jira alongside epics and issues.

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With a clear strategy, everyone wins

Aligned autonomy

Unshackle your teams to creatively solve business problems.

Increased ROI

Get more value from your investments by focusing on metrics that lead to business results.

Team motivation

Enable everyone on the team to understand why their work is important.

Less meetings

Asynchronously communicate business context, at scale.


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Strengthen the bond between data and product

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Product analysts

Track the right metrics and put data into action.

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Product managers

Orient your squad around outcomes, not features. 

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Leadership teams

See a birds eye view of the business and refine your strategy.

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See what our customers say

John Cutler

Matthew Clayton

Co-founder of Mixcloud

DoubleLoop strategically aligns our entire company on key initiatives and metrics. We use it to explain how our work fits together.

John Cutler

Dermot O'Connor

Head of Product Ops at Bitso

DoubleLoop is mission control for product, a single place to see our key inputs and outcomes. It provides a birds-eye view of company performance and makes our meetings more effective.

John Cutler

Regan Davis

Senior Director of Product at SpotHero

DoubleLoop is like a living depiction of our strategy. Our teams can easily connect their day to day work to the impact they’re making.

John Cutler

Mark Kaufman

Head of Product at MDsave

DoubleLoop is an essential tool for comparing actual project impact against our estimates and assumptions.