Make your strategy actionable

DoubleLoop helps teams focus on the right metrics, stay aligned,
and drive business outcomes.

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Focus on the right metrics

We have access to tons of data, but today’s metrics dashboards don’t make it clear where to focus.

At DoubleLoop, we believe that the key is understanding the relationships between metrics.

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Quantify the correlation between metrics
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Find leading indicators of business KPIs
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Uncover flawed assumptions in your strategy
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Correlation scores

Prioritize high-leverage initiatives

As product leaders, the number of burning initiatives we could be working on is limitless.

We’ll let you know if an initiative is having an impact (or not).

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Understand the impact of product iterations
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Focus initiatives on controllable input metrics
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Create data-informed feedback loops

Stay aligned

Aligning stakeholders is emotionally draining.

DoubleLoop helps the entire organization understand the full business context, and how their work fits in.

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Create visual strategy maps
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Set measurable goals
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Track performance of business KPIs
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KPI and Goals
ChangelogSlack strategy review

Save hours of time

Keeping stakeholders informed takes massive time and energy.

Instead of manually updating spreadsheets, slides, or Slack, DoubleLoop efficiently keeps stakeholders informed. Our customers have reported saving dozens of hours per week.

Slack summaries
Automated Slack summaries
Email digests
Automated email digests
Release notes
Automated release notes

See it in action

For teams

DoubleLoop aligns
cross-functional teams

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Product leaders & execs

See a birds-eye view of how your product is performing.

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Product managers

Orient your squad around outcomes, not features. 

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Data analysts

Weave data into the fabric of how teams work.


Don’t take our word for it. See what our clients say.

Matthew Clayton

Matthew Clayton

Co-founder of Mixcloud

DoubleLoop strategically aligns our entire company on key initiatives and metrics. We use it to explain how our work fits together.

Dermot O'Connor

Dermot O'Connor

Head of Product Ops at Bitso

DoubleLoop is mission control for product, a single place to see our key inputs and outcomes. It provides a birds-eye view of company performance and makes our meetings more effective.

Matthew Clayton

Regan Davis

Senior Director of Product at SpotHero

DoubleLoop is like a living depiction of our strategy. Our teams can easily connect their day to day work to the impact they’re making.

Mark Kaufman

Mark Kaufman

Head of Product at MDsave

DoubleLoop is an essential tool for comparing actual project impact against our estimates and assumptions.


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