Map your strategy to drive impact

Develop a strategy map to align your stakeholders and team around how you will create impact. Connect to tools you use to analyze and report how your strategy is performing.

Used by high-impact teams at

Used by high-impact teams at

Used by high-impact teams at

Connect your work and metrics

Import your work from sources like Jira, Asana, and Linear, and your metrics from sources like Snowflake, Amplitude, and Mixpanel to get a realtime view of your strategy.

Operationalize your strategy in your workflow

Connect your strategy to tools like Jira to keep the business context of your work top of mind in your team’s day-to-day operations.

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Automatically report your progress and impact

Send out regular reports to Slack or email to communicate how your work is progressing and what kind of impact you’re having.

Test your hypotheses to refine your strategy

See the correlation between factors to gain deeper insight into your business drivers so you can continue refining your strategy.

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