Templates & examples

Use our templates and examples to get started quickly with DoubleLoop.

North Star Framework

The North Star Framework Is a method for managing a product strategy via a single driving metric called the “North Star Metric” (NSM). It involves mapping input metrics to the NSM, as well as the NSM to business KPIs. It's particularly useful when the primary challenge is retaining more users.

KPI trees

KPI trees represent a collection of mathematical operations (represented by the edges in the graph) between multiple operands (represented by the nodes in the graph) that are intended to help you visualize the elements that contribute to an outcome. They tend to work best in domains where you can directly measure both the outcome as well as things that lead to that outcome, such as for identifying the largest revenue opportunities.

Customer journey maps

Customer journey maps are visual representations of steps you expect a customer to go through as they interact with your product or service. They are particularly useful when the primary strategic challenge is optimizing an acquisition funnel or increasing activation.

Growth loops

Growth loops are circular diagrams that illustrate strategies for continuous growth. They are often used in social media and e-commerce, but can be used by any company who is trying to create network effectiveness.

Opportunity Solution Trees

Opportunity Solution Trees provide a structured approach to identifying experimental solutions for customer needs. You start with the outcome you’d like to achieve, use continuous research to identify opportunities that could lead to that outcome, and then brainstorm general solutions with specific experiments to try. These trees are particularly useful for addressing customer needs through product improvements.

Theory of Change

The Theory of Change is a strategic framework that outlines the steps needed to achieve a specific outcome or goal. It’s typically used by governments, NGOs, and non-profits to outline strategies for creating social impact, especially when the long-term impact may take years to realize.

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